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Auschwitz is a historical name of the town located about 70 km from Krakow and the Nazi camp that was build there during World War II. The Polish name of this place is Oswiecim (on the road maps you can find only Oswiecim, not Auschwitz). Birkenau (in Polish Brzezinka), another part of the camp is located about 3 km from Auschwitz. All over the world, Auschwitz-Birkenau has become a symbol of terror, genocide and the Holocaust. It was established by the Nazis in 1940, in the suburbs of the town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz). Auschwitz functioned throughout its existence as a Nazi concentration camp and eventually became the largest of its kind. The Auschwitz -Birkenau Death Camp Museum has been entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Established in 1940 first as a concentration camp for Polish political prisoners, Auschwitz became the centre for extermination of the Jewish people. In 1940 – 1945 the Nazis killed about 1,100,000 people here, mainly Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies, Russians and members of other nationalities. In the site of Auschwitz you can see the gas chamber, crematorium and the exhibition in some of the surviving prison blocks. In Birkenau - the mian gate known as Gate of Death, wooden prisoners’ barracks, unloading ramp, the ruins of the crematoria nad the Memorial.

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