Auschwitz trip

Auschwitz trip is a very important part of the Holocaust studies, which are usually one of the main subject of the history course. Cracow Planet organizes educational Auschwitz trip for the schools, teachers or project's leaders. We advice the schools to combine the Auschwitz trip with the visit to the old Jewish Quarter in Krakow or to one of the town in Galicia to understand better the background of the Holocaust history and the reasons for building the Nazi camps in Poland. By Auschwitz trip we mean not only visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum but also learning about richness of the Jewish culture, tradition and the heritage which was annihilated in the ashes of the crematoria. That is why we offer not only tours to the Nazi camps but also Jewish music concerts and variuos workshops concerning the Jewish culture. Auschwitz trip is a shocking and unforgettable experience.
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