Wieliczka salt mine tour

Bored with visiting castles and churches? Join our Wieliczka Salt Mine tour and experience something really unique: three thousand chambers, salty lakes, more than 300 km of tunnels... Wieliczka Salt Mine tour gives you an opportunity to enjoy unforgettable tour of one of the largest and the oldest salt mines in Europe! In 1979 this mine was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and in 2006 was announced to be one of the 7 Wonders of Poland. It is not only the tourist attraction but also great monument of mining history and human work. During Wieliczka Salt Mine tour you see the underground chambers, tunnels, chapels with the amazing decoration – all is curved in salt! The treasure of the mine is the famous St. Kinga's Chapel – the world's largest underground made of salt! You see three levels of the mine which are available for the visitors. Wieliczka Salt Mine tour starts with 380 steps down and is finished 135 m below the ground! The underground walk takes approx. 3 h. Wieliczka Salt Mine tour is must for everyone visiting Krakow.

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