Krakow Christmas Market

The annual Krakow Christmas Market starts four weeks before Christmas and attracts thousands of visitors. Opening of the trade is connected with ‘new local dukat’ (a medieval coin) presentation. The old-fashioned wooden stalls with Christmas decoration, hand made wicker baskets or the jewellery designed by the local artists are a challenge for the souvenir hunters. Snow, vibrant colours, and the smell of the fresh prepared food create the unique atmosphere of the Krakow Christmas Market and make Krakow one of the most charming European cities! Krakow Christmas Market is a great opportunity to buy the unique Christmas decorations: hand painted glasses, hand made clay angels or the fantastic garlands. Visiting Krakow Christmas Market you should try the local specialities served in the numerous stall shops: traditional grilled sausages, ribs, fabulous dumplings and the smoked sheep cheese with the cranberry jam. If you get cold walking around the Christmas Market – have a glass of mulled wine or tea spiced with cherry vodka!

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