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‘It was a dark and stormy night. No human soul could be seen on the streets of Krakow. Suddenly, at 11 p.m., a priest from St. Mary’s Church heard a knock on his door. A mysterious man with a mask covering his face came for him, talking about a young girl who was supposed to die that night. He asked the priest to follow him through the labyrinth of empty streets...’

From the Legend of the White Lady of the Wielopolskich Palace.

This tour is a must for people visiting Krakow for the first time! It retraces the history of Krakow as the former capital of Poland. During the tour, which is to give you general impression of the city, we will follow the so-called Royal Route, visiting the most famous and historic sites in Krakow: the Wawel Hill, Royal Castle and the Cathedral, Old Town, Market Square - all these places are much more than just symbols of Krakow. A journey through the labyrinth of the medieval streets of Krakow gives you the chance not only to see the beauty of the architecture but also, while listening to fascinating local stories and legends, to feel the magic atmosphere of our unique city. Our licensed and experienced guides, who know Krakow as the back of their hand, will not only tell you the stories about Polish former capital city, but also advise you on the best restaurants, pubs, jewellery shops, museums, hotels, hairdressers and shopping centres, and many more.
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Krakow is a magic city full of medieval legends, beautiful monuments, good jazz clubs and countless cafes...To get the spirit of the city it is not enough to buy the 3h long Krakow sightseeing in one of the local agencies. Here are some tips for the real Krakow sightseeing... After you enjoyed the guided Krakow sightseeing and you ticked off the Wawel Hill and the Main Square, go to one of the famous Krakow mounds or explore Kazimierz, the former Jewish Quarter famous nowadays as a nightlife centre. To make the Krakow sightseeing completed do not forget to vist Nowa Huta, enjoying unforgettable Communist tour arranged by Crazy Guides!
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