Ora et Labora (Pray and work) – visit to the medieval monastery (Cistercian or the Benedictines')
We visit one of the medieval monasteries in Krakow to discover its secrets – we learn about the typical monastic architecture, the function of the rooms and the daily life of the monks; we get to know the rules of the convent and its tradition; Is this old tradition still followed? A meeting with a monk; interactive tasks

The secrets of the Royal Cathedral – the ceremonies, art and treasures
We learn about a very special role of the royal Cathedral by studying its religious and political aspects; we become acquainted with its function, the ceremonies that used to take place there, the meaning of the cult of the saints buried here; we study medieval pieces of art in order to uncover the stories hidden behind them.

Student’s life at the medieval university
We visit Collegium Maius, the museum of the oldest Polish university - the Jagiellonian University in Cracow; we will see its treasures which tell the history of the school; we will learn about the medieval system of education and the students' life in that time.


Krakow in medieval Europe – history, culture, science
Beasts and the devils – „medieval art as the musuem of imagination” (Andre Malreaux)
Philosophy of Light– the secrets of the gothic art
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