Sacral art - the symbols and the meanings
We get to know the main issues of the sacral art: the symbols and the function of the architecture and its origins; the symbols of the medieval art, the atribution of the saints; we visit a medieval and a baroque church; how does art serve the ideology?

Flowers of John Paul II – discussion
We discuss the most important consignments of John Paul II; the significant ideas and thoughts included in his works; how can we realize them in our life? The quotations and thoughts chosen by the participants are presented in the mini theatre form.

The secrets of Krakow's churches – an interactive walk
We discover the secrets of the Krakow's churches – we look for the tombs of the Saints, holy icons and the significant places;
we learn about the richness of the Christian culture and the tradition related to the cult and devotion.


A fish that ate the bishop’s finger… Polish saints and their significance for the Catholic Church
Pilgrimage centres in Poland .
Carp and horse-radish – the catholic calendar in Poland

Why does God have a beard? Early Christian art and the beginning of the Christian iconography
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