Sendzimir Steelworks (former Lenin Steelworks) now and then – a visit to the steelworks

Communist Paradise – an interactive walk
We come to Nowa Huta to learn about its history after 1945. We visit the most significant places; we analyse the architecture of the city and the concept of the ideal communist city.

Following the rebels' t.rack - an interactive walk
We follow the traces of the rebels who have struggled with the communist system. We visit the places where the most important anti-state demonstrations have taken place and listen to the personal stories of the opposition representatives.

Art as servant of communist propaganda – a lecture&workshop
We are introduced with the characteristic features of the communist art in Eastern Europe and its function. We look at the most famous designs of the monuments which glorify the system; we explain the methods of propaganda; we design the communist poster.


Everyday life in Poland under Communist rule
Lech Walesa and the role of the Solidarity movement
Communist ideology
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