Holocaust in Krakow – an interactive walk
Walking around the area of the former Jewish ghetto we get to know its history and functioning – we learn about the institutions, workshops, hospitals which were here in that time. In each of these places there is a dramatic history of the Jews, their hard decisions and choices. We follow the traces of people who played a very important role in the ghetto – we also discuss their attitudes.

Poland of the Jews – a visit to the Galicja Jewish Museum
We discover the richness of the Jewish culture in Poland and its remains. We discuss the various aspects of the Jewish heritage in this country nowadays. We learn about different faces of the Holocaust. We prepare the map of the places inhabited by the Jews before the World War II and short presentations about them.

Jewish life – tradition and customs

We visit the Old Synagogue in Krakow where we learn about the Jewish daily customs, their solemn rituals, about the furnishing and the symbols in the synagogues. We prepare the calendar of the Jewish feasts and their home rites.

Meeting with the concentration cam survivors, or their families

Meeting with people who worked with Spielberg on the 'Schindler's List' movie

Meeting for reflection (teachers and group)


Jewish life in Poland before Holocaust

Life in the Jewish ghetto in Krakow
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