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Cracow Planet offers a range of educational programs concerning selected problems of 20th-century history and culture. The particular subjects were chosen due to their universal meaning and supranational message. They are all focused on the cultural heritage of Krakow and history of its inhabitants, and have been divided in three topic sections:

Pontificate of John Paul II

Some of the topics are further illustrated by special trips and courses that can be a complement of the school curriculum, a kind of open-air lessons, or a part of some larger educational projects. Sightseeing and visiting museums can be helpful to both students and pupils while preparing their semester papers and other works and exercises.
Participation in an educational program is also a kind of first-hand experience, and encourages the students to discover history by themselves.

Our offer also includes workshops, lectures, documentary shows and discussions concerning the selected topic section. In addition, as a part of our educational programs, the participants can also volunteer to keep the guard of honour at the tomb of the unknown soldier, or work in some other way for the public good.

Our offer is directed to schools of every level, as well as universities, associations, government and municipal institutions, and teachers or project leaders.

The individual programs are run by university graduates in the particular fields, who also possess extensive experience in working with groups of students.

The current offer of educational programs is just a framework – we are open for your suggestions. They will allow us to prepare more programs that meet your expectations. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

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