Getting to & around Krakow

  Getting to Krakow by plane  

The main airport for Krakow is the Krakow Airport in Balice, located 11km from the city centre. It takes no more than 30 minutes drive to reach the city centre by car. Krakow Airport collaborates with more than 30 different airlines, including the low-cost ones. The number of the international connections is still increasing.

Getting from the airport to the centre

  By train (recommended):  
Taking a train is the best way to get to/from the city centre. The journey takes about 15 min and the train takes you straight to the Main Railway Station of Krakow, only 10 min walking from the Main Square. The train stop is 300 m from the airport terminal – you can simply walk there (5 min), or use the shuttle bus ( in a front of the international terminal T1). The ticket costs 4 PLN - you can buy it in a train (only Polish Zloty acceptable!).

  By bus:  
You can get to/from the City centre taking bus 192. The journey to the Main Railway Station (the closest stop to the Old Town) takes up to 40 min and it is not very comfortable (the bus is always crowded!) especially if you have a big luggage. For the big luggage you need to buy additional ticket (2,5 PLN). You can buy the bus tickets in a newsstand (2,5 PLN one way) or from the driver (3 PLN one way). The bus stop is on the right of the T1 terminal, at the roundabout.

  By taxi:  
Numerous cabs are waiting in a front of the passenger terminal (approx. 30 min ride to/from the centre).

In the neighbourhood of Krakow there is also the International Airport Katowice in Pyrzowice, located 30 km from Katowice, and 130 km from Krakow. The airport at Pyrzowice has a public transport connection to Katowice (Lotnisko Airport Bus), there is also a shuttle buses to the centre of Katowice, from which you can get a train to Krakow (about 2 h ride). The easiest way to get to Krakow from Pyrzowice airport is to take a shuttle bus. It takes you to the Main Bus Station in Krakow (City centre). The journey takes about 1,5h.

  Getting to Krakow by train  

Polish State Railway Company (PKP) operates on the Polish railway network. Krakow has direct connections with the major cities in the Central and Eastern Europe: with Berlin and Hamburg (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest (Romania), Kiev, Lvov, and Odessa (Ukraine), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), and Bratislava (Slovakia). More information Polish State Railway website.
From Warsaw you can take the InterCity train to Krakow. It leaves every 2 h and the journey takes 2.45 h.

  Getting to Krakow by car  

The road transport in Poland is not really efficient. There are not many highways, lots of the main roads connecting the big cities go through the small towns or villages what limits your speed. The roads are bumpy and holed. Mind the fact that most of the Polish drivers do not respect the speed limits.
Planning your journey through Poland you should count an average speed of 70 km/h – it will give you an appropriate time of getting to your destination. It makes most of the Polish drivers furious, but for the visitors it might be a good opportunity for sightseeing... You can also get stuck in a traffic because of the road constructions – lots of the roads are being build or improved. To be honest – if you drive by car in Poland timing is unpredictable!
Standard international traffic signs are used in Poland. Cars drive on the right side of the road. Seat belts have to be fastened. All cars must be equipped with a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and the warning triangle; headlights must be on at all times from 1st of October to 1st of March. Children under 12 must sit in a special safety chair in the car.

From Germany: From Gorlitz/Zgorzelec take the road no. A4 through Wroclaw – Gliwice - Katowice – Chrzanow, to Krakow (425 km; approx. 6h).This road is a highway, charged. Between Wroclaw and Gliwice you may have some difficulties finding a petrol station nearby the highway. If you go from Berlin we recommend taking the same way – it is faster if you take the German highway from Berlin to Gorlitz than to use the Polish roads.

From Czech Republic: From Nachod/Kudowa take the road no. 8 (E 67) to Wroclaw and then the highway A 4 through Wroclaw – Gliwice – Katowice, to Krakow (376 km, 5 h, charged). Between Wroclaw and Gliwice you may have some difficulties finding a petrol station nearby the highway.
From Cesky Tesin/Cieszyn take the road no. E75, through Skoczow – Bielsko-Biala – Pszczyna – Tychy then the A4 motorway to Krakow (150km, approx. 2,5h).

From Slovakia: From Trstena/Chyzne take the road no. 7 to Krakow (100km, approx. 2h). This road is quite narrow (it is more like a local one), from Rabka to Krakow it is being enlarged.

From Ukraine: Going from Krakowec/Korczowa take the road no. 4, through Radymno – Rzeszow – Tarnow, to Krakow (255km, approx. 4h).

From Warsaw: Follow the road no. 7, through Warsaw – Radom – Kielce, to Krakow (300km, approx. 4h). Most of this road goes through the towns what limits the speed. The new highway is being bulit.

  Getting around Krakow  

Krakow is a very compact and tourist friendly city. It is very easy to get around, especially that most of the important sights are located in a walking distance for the city centre. To explore further parts of Krakow, it is better to use trams (buses easily get stuck in a traffic). The tickets are available in every newsstand (2,5 PLN one way) you can buy them from the drivers as well (you have to pay 0,50 PLN more). Buying 1 h tickets can change the buses and trams within 1h. 24h tickets are available in the Public Transport offices. Taxis are quite cheap in Krakow - you can easily find them at Sienna Street, Plac Szczepanski, Plac Wszystkich Swietych or in Dajwor Street in Kazimierz. You can call a taxi – there is a big choice of different companies.
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