Life and art in Medieval Krakow

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Life and art in Medieval Krakow
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Day 1

Our guide meets you at the airport/railway station to welcome the group and give a short introduction about Krakow.

Drive to the hotel by coach


Day 2


Morning: Medieval Krakow

This tour retraces the history of Krakow as the former capital of Poland. It is intended to give you a general view of the City, but focused on its medieval heritage. It shows the most famous historic sites that have become its landmarks: the Wawel Hill with the magnificent renaissance Royal Castle and Cathedral, the Main Square, Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Basilica. On the Wawel hill we visit the Royal Cathedral to learn about medieval art and discover the secrets of the royal tombs and history of Polish saints. We will also tell you about the coronation ceremonies. Then we visit the ‘Lost Wawel’ exhibition to learn about the role of this hill in the early Middle Ages. Next we follow the Royal Route lined with old tenement houses and numerous medieval churches. Listening to old legends and mysterious stories you will feel the real spirit of our magical medieval Krakow. We also walk around the Main Market Square – the old trading centre, and we visit the magnificent gothic basilica of Our Lady.


Afternoon: Student’s life at the medieval university

We visit the museum of the Jagiellonian University - the oldest university in Poland, founded in 1364. We learn about the medieval system of education, students’ daily life, and the university customs. During the tour we see the university treasury and old scientific instruments. Following the traces of the famous professors or students, we discover the significance of the Jagiellonian University in Europe.

Free time


Lecture: Philosophy of light – secrets of the gothic art

Day 3


Morning: Ora et labora – a visit to the medieval monastery

The Church played an extremely important role in the Middle Ages. Monasteries were the centres of education and they also supported the development of economics and agriculture. We visit one of the medieval monasteries in Krakow to discover the secret life of the monks. This visit is intended to show you one of the most important convents (Benedictine or Cistercian) that had a strong impact on the medieval culture throughout Europe. We learn about the rules and architecture of the monastery; architecture typical for almost all monasteries in Europe. We follow the liturgical year of the convent to understand its spirituality and the piety of the people of the Middle Ages.


Afternoon: White Gold Mine

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is one of the oldest and biggest salt mines in Europe. In 1978 it was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Situated on nine levels, the mine reaches 327m below the ground and hides about 3000 chambers. A 2.5km route, running from 64 to 135m below the ground level, is available for tourists. Our guided tour gives you the only opportunity of spending an unforgettable time exploring magnificent salt chambers, statues, underground lakes and chapels, including the biggest underground chapel made of salt in the world. During the tour we learn about the role of the Salt Mine in the economic life of Krakow, and about medieval methods of mining.

Return to Krakow


Day 4


Departure (drive by coach to the airport/railway station)

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