Krakow Christmas Market

The annual Krakow Christmas Market starts four weeks before Christmas and attracts thousands of visitors. Opening of the trade is connected with ‘new local dukat’ (a medieval coin) presentation. The old-fashioned wooden stalls with Christmas decoration, hand made wicker baskets or the jewellery designed by the local artists are a challenge for the souvenir hunters. Snow, vibrant colours, and the smell of the fresh prepared food create the unique atmosphere of the Krakow Christmas Market and make Krakow one of the most charming European cities! Krakow Christmas Market is a great opportunity to buy the unique Christmas decorations: hand painted glasses, hand made clay angels or the fantastic garlands. Visiting Krakow Christmas Market you should try the local specialities served in the numerous stall shops: traditional grilled sausages, ribs, fabulous dumplings and the smoked sheep cheese with the cranberry jam. If you get cold walking around the Christmas Market – have a glass of mulled wine or tea spiced with cherry vodka!

Cracow’s Christmas Market from the 30th of November to the 26th of December 2012 r.

1.12.2012 r.
We write letters to Santa Clause
Celebratory opening of Cracow’s Christmas Market
2.12.2012 r.
Arrival of motorcyclists dressed as Santa Clause.
6.12.2012 r.
Creche pageant from A.Mickiewicz’s statue to the Krakow’s Market stage.
Santa Clause’s Youth March
Building of gingerbread creche
Meeting with Santa Clause
7.12.2012 r.
Galicia (a historical region spanning southeastern Poland and western Ukraine) on fire in 1914-1918
8.12.2012 r.
Santa Clause/Saint Nicolaus - Man to man gift patron
9.12.2012 r.
Merchant Holiday
12.12.2012 r.
Concert of a band „Fioretti” by Franciscan’s Friars.
14.12.2012 r.
Carols and pasterals
Presentation of traditional and regional products
Fashion Show: Winter Fashion Weekend – male fashion
15.12.2012 r.
Celebratory opening of an international project „ Bridges between Cities“
Fashion Show: Winter Fashion Weekend – female fashion
16.12.2012 r.
Carol singers‘ concert
21.12.2012 r.
Christmas play in three acts based on the play „Polish Betlehem“ Lucjan Rydel
22.12.2012 r.
Carol singer’s pageant – old carols and pastorals (start at Barbican)
23.12.2012 r.
Presidential Christmas communion wafer (typical polish Christmas tradition of sharing a communion wafer with your close ones while whising them all the best for the coming year)
24.12.2012 r.
„Dziady Polskie” („Polish Dziady“ based on a drama „Dziady“ by A. Mickiewicz. The drama's title refers to Dziady, an ancient Slavic and Lithuanian feast commemorating the dead (the "forefathers")
26.12.2012 r.
Common carol singing at the Market
06.01.2013 r.
Three Kings pageant
Carol singing by A. Mickiewicz statue

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